USA Football
Maps and Directions


Below is a lis tof maps/directions to all FLYFCL clubs based on directions from Midlakes High School. Locations may change without notice, please check with your coach. Click on the town to access the directions via Google or MapQuest.

Clyde-Savannah: Games at Clyde Savannah High School

Dundee: Games at Dundee High School

East Rochester: Games at East Rochester High School

Gananda: Games at Dolomite Park, Lewis Rd in Walwork, NY

Geneva: Games at Geneva High School

HFL: Games at HFL Senior High School

Jordan Eldridge: Games at Jordan Elbridge High School

Lyons: Games at Lyons High School: * Parking is at a premium and cars will be towed if parked in the wrong area*Directions provided to Lyons Community Center as parking is on this side of the football field.

Marcus Whitman: Games at MW High School

Newark: Games at Newark High School

Pal-Mac: Games at Pal-Mac High School

Penn Yan: Games at Penn Yan Academy

Red Jacket: Games at Red Jacket High School

Seneca Falls: Games at Mynderse Academy Football Field

Waterloo: Games at Waterloo High School

Wayne: Games at Casey Park * Casey Park is on Knickerbocker Road and this is a notorious speed trap*

Important League Rule Changes

Rule change #1:

The removal of weight restrictions. This allows for ALL children to have an opportunity to play and learn the sport of football.The new league rules are as follows:

Flag: 5, 6 & 7 year old-Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grades

C Squad: 8-10 year old in 3rd and 4th grades

B Squad: 10-12 year old in 5th & 6th grades

A Squad: 12-14 years old in 7th & 8th grades

*Board approval needed if age/grade different from criteria noted above. A player may play up 1 level with club approval. No highschool student allowed ( 9th grade )regardless of age.

Rule change #2:

Players age is based on December 1st rather than August 1st

This change mirrors the date schools use to determine grade entrance. This would then assist in aligning our athletes to be placed on teams with peers from their same grade and theoretically, more compatible maturity level.

Membership Obligations
The success and safety of our participants and our program requires a high level of commitment from both parents and children.

Participant Commitment

Family obligations and schoolwork always come first, both players and cheerleaders are expected to attend practices and games as outlined in the parent/participant handbook. All prior commitments should be taken into consideration before registering with the club.

Adult Commitment
Each family is required to donate their time in service to the club. You are expected to complete 2 volunteer duties per child during the season. Please understand that your membership, and therefore, your child's participation in club activities, is contingent upon your participation as an adult volunteer and your efforts to abide by the league's code of conduct. As the primary member, you are obligated to attend all parent meetings, show up when scheduled to work, and if asked, be willing to assist whenever possible.

2014 Membership Fees
Tackle Player or Cheerleader: $160.00 TOTAL (This includes $65 Registration Fee and $95 Fundraising)
Flag Player or Cheerleaders: $75.00 TOTAL (This includes $35 Registration Fee and $40 Fundraising)
For families with 2 or more children at tackle level $275 (This includes $135 Registration Fee and $140 Fundraising).
We offer payment programs that allow parents to pay a 50% deposit at registration with the remaining amount due on equipment handout day for football and the first day of practice for cheer. No equipment/uniforms can be issued if there are outstanding fees. We also offer fundraising opportunities to help you offset this cost as well as partial and full scholarships.

Eligibility & Registration
A participant cannot begin practice with a squad until they have "signed up." To register, the participant's parent or guardian must complete a standard FLYFCL participant contract form provided by the League.

To register for the any team the participant must meet the grade/age criteria for that classification. And all Participants must provide the following:

Signed FLYFCL Registration Form
Birth Certificate

Parental Consent
A Current Photograph