USA Football
Midlakes Jr. Eagles Forms
Forms Description
2021 Registration Form This is the official FLYFCL registration form. It should be used if you don't register online. This includes the physical form.
Coaching Application All coaches/potential coaches must have a completed coaching application on file in order to be considered for a coaching position for this season
2021 Parent Handbook The parent and participant handbook containes improtant information regarding board of directors contact information, participation policies including attendance, dress code, parent participation, and codes of conduct for participants and spectators. It is important to review this document before the season begins.
2021 Midlakes Jr. Eagles Bylaws The bylaws provide corporate structure and define the way in which the Midlakes Jr. Ealges Board will conduct the business of the organization. It also provides job descriptions of all Midlakes Jr. Eagles board poisitions.